Mitsubishi Motors Corporation has just announced that it is starting to market a limited series of the DENDO DRIVE HOUSE system in Japan. This initiative is characterized by integrating your electric or hybrid vehicle with your home.

The integration between home and car arrives
The integration between home and car arrives.

Dendo Drive House (DDH) is a system comprised of an electric vehicle or a Mitsubishi hybrid vehicle. Combined with the use of a two-way charger, solar panels, or a domestic battery, now you can integrate your Mitsubishi into your home without any problem.

With this package, you can charge your car at home by using solar energy, which is stored and obtained thanks to solar panels located on the roof of your home. The power obtained goes directly to the car battery when necessary.

DDH, therefore, helps customers not only to save on electricity. But also provides them with an alternative source of energy for possible emergencies. Or simply, to bet on the use of free energy while working at home.

The idea of the Japanese builder is to promote and offer HR through its dealers. Also, apart from the sale of the package itself, a series of services will be included, such as the installation or maintenance of system components.

Another of the most apparent advantages when using this system offered by Mitsubishi. Is that obviously, and although its installation will not be cheap. In the long term, you will save a lot of money on electricity consumption. Either to support a large part of your home or to Charge the car daily. Since once again, the energy is obtained from the Sun, and for now, it is free.

You can also be proud to contribute to the creation of the “future” society. A society that will be characterized. For being able to maintain and sustain its goods and services. Through the use of clean energy such as, in this case, solar power.

We are always happy to see this type of initiative where prestigious car brands such as Mitsubishi. Contribute to the advancement of society, or rather, contribute to creating a change in people's mentality towards beneficial things.

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