Juan Manuel Moya was the first La Paz to buy an electric car. He is a computer engineer, industrial engineer, master in renewable energy, and works at the University of Extremadura. Energy optimization is something that has always fascinated him. After seven years of experience with a 100 percent sustainable vehicle, he not only continues to drive an electric car but has bought another. He assures that the most apparent advantage of the electric vehicle is the economic one, but the one he likes best is the environmental one. Next Thursday, Juan Manuel will participate in the ‘Alternatives for sustainable mobility,’ together with other experts, in the VIII Motor Show of Badajoz.

The important thing is not to save, but to drive without emissions of any kind.
The important thing is not to save, but to drive without emissions of any kind.

-You were the first electric car user in Badajoz. What balance does the experience?

-It was more than seven years ago, and it seems like yesterday. The balance cannot be more positive: the satisfaction of driving without emitting emissions added to the comfort of use and the economy ... the result cannot be more satisfactory.

-It is a delegate in Extremadura of the Association of Users of Electric Vehicles. What is the purpose of the association?

-The objectives of our association are reflected on our website www.auve.org, to which I invite everyone to join. It is totally free.

Among the goals is to promote, without profit. The development of the electric vehicle, as well as the equipment, applications, services, and infrastructure necessary for it.

It also works to protect and defend the rights and interests of users of electric vehicles. The association wants to serve as an exchange of information and knowledge.

Among our actions are the dialogue with companies and public entities in the electric vehicle sector; make the need to expand the semi-fast and fast civil cargo infrastructure reach the highest number of municipalities and public bodies; support the promotion, advice and act as an information platform in the implementation of the electric vehicle by public and private organizations; collaborate as much as possible with local businesses in marketing, research and development, related to 100% electric mobility and requiring recharging in the electricity grid.

- What is going to be in broad strokes the content of his intervention in the Motor Show?

-My idea is to explain with data, and not only with opinions, the truth of the electric vehicle, fundamentally deny those ‘brothers-in-law’ who ‘talk about ...’ or ‘have told me that…’, etc.

-How much does an electric or hybrid car cost?

- That question would have trap if it answered it thus, lightly. I could clearly say that electric is cheaper than any other type of vehicle. But at the conference, I will give the data and that each one gets their opinions.

-Is it true that electric and hybrid cars save money?

-In the day today, the electric without a doubt. In hybrids, it depends on the use. For example, on the road, they don't make sense.

-How much does an electric or hybrid vehicle consume?

-In round numbers, we can say that an electrician consumes one euro for every 100 kilometers. If we charge it at home and double or more if we load it in commercial fast charging points, although there are also free ones.

-What autonomy do they have?

-Now the new vehicle with less autonomy of the market has approved about 200 kilometers, according to the new WLTP homologation cycle, much more realistic than the previous one.

-How do you recharge, and what types of recharging does an electric car have?

-Basically, recharged at home. As I say, many times the car is more stationary than running. And in the worst case, in 8 hours, you recover at least 200 kilometers of autonomy, and most do not need more. The rest have to make use of public chargers, usually fast.

-Are batteries harmful to the environment?

- Humans, to live, we need industrial production processes and different means of transport. Does anyone consider a mobile phone or a computer without a battery? The problem is not whether it is good or not. The ideal is not, but trips in their own vehicles are the least bad. Some brands rent the battery and discount the price of the car. The model would be the bicycle, collective transport, or shared transport.

Electric cars don't pollute, but don't we pollute by generating electrical power?

-The change to an electric vehicle is not only the fact of changing the way you move. It is a change of mentality, you immediately seek to charge your car with renewable energy. So it will emit zero emissions when moving, and you will also favor the use of that kind of technology.

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