The way we move can be decisive in our fight against global warming.

The electric car revolution that charges as fast as a mobile
The electric car revolution that charges as fast as a mobile

We live in a climate crisis. But that is in the hands of each of us, and it is that through small actions, small changes in our lifestyle, we can change the world. One of them is undoubtedly the way we move.

Luckily, we are witnessing a real revolution: a change in the era of mobility, which comes from the hand of electric cars. Its environmental benefits are basically 0 emissions and silence. They have become the perfect option to completely restore the air of our cities, one of the objectives of the European Union by 2030.

The electric vehicle is no longer the future: it is the present. And it advances in giant steps. Its use, according to a report by the European Climate Foundation, will reduce pollution by half across the continent. According to forecasts managed by experts, the results will be visible in just a decade. To this end, many local authorities such as Barcelona have committed to reducing CO2 emissions by at least 40% by 2030. It is unstoppable. But how to join this tremendous green revolution? And, above all, what should one know about electric cars so as not to be afraid to drive one?

Banishing myths is essential. Neither there are few charging points, nor do the batteries take time to charge. Nor is it as expensive as it used to be. Nor is it insecure. Nor has little autonomy. Nor small space. Nor can only make short journeys and nor have low power. And that's because every day it innovates more in the supply of electric vehicles.

One of the most surprising is the new Opel Corsa-e: this 100% electric manufactured in Spain, which will reach the public on February 2020, promises. It has managed to get 80% of its battery to charge in just 30 minutes. The same, correctly, in which the mobile with which you are reading this article is loaded. It is the so-called "fast charge." That is just one of its advantages.

This new vehicle, with an autonomy of 330 kilometers. Takes the least is more to another level. Not only does it have the same facilities as a conventional model, but it also improves performance. Maybe that's why his motto is "simply electric."

As much as it may seem to us as a reality far from ours, electric cars are designed to make they're driving intuitive and straightforward. The Opel Corsa-e features IntelliLux adaptive headlights, which increase the visibility without dazzling other drivers. Inside, a 10-inch touch screen with the Navi Pro Multimedia system.

Another of the drivers' headaches that can be solved with the electric models is the parking lot. Technologies such as a 180ยบ panoramic rear camera or the Automatic Parking Assistant make parking not an obstacle when traveling. If charging the car is easy, park too. Also, many things are rewarding drivers of electric vehicles with discounts on parking fees and with chargers in public parking lots.

And we must not forget that more and more governments are betting on environmental policies that go through making electric vehicles become the preferred choice of drivers. The Institute for Diversification and Energy Saving (IDEA) estimates that for every 1,000 electric vehicles, about 30,000 kg of pollutant gases and more than 2 tons of CO2 are no longer emitted annually.

In this sense, the Corsa-e 100% electric DNA makes it a zero environmentally friendly emission model.

These types of vehicles have advantages such as the possibility of traveling on the VAO bus lane. With a single occupant or usually traveling through those cities that activate their pollution protocols (something that happens more and more frequently).

It is possible that with all these data, you think that electric vehicles are an exclusive product for several privileged drivers. But the truth is that some models such as Opel Corsa-e are designed to make this type of mobility easy and accessible for everyone. Also, getting one can save our pocket. The circulation tax is free since this type of charge applies its tax rates depending on the CO2 emission. And of course, in the case of electric, this emission is zero.

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