The Japanese brand has prepared a big surprise for the next Tokyo Motor Show and is none other than its first 100% eco-friendly car.

Mazda's first electric vehicle will arrive in October
Mazda's first electric vehicle will arrive in October

In recent years, the Asian manufacturer Mazda has been away from hybrid and electric vehicles. To focus on improving the efficiency of its gasoline engines, the revolutionary Skyactiv-X propellant being the best example.

However, a new stage is about to begin, and the first 100% ecological car already has an arrival date.

This news does not surprise us since a few weeks ago, we could get a little closer to what will be the vehicle.

That marks a turning point in the future of Mazda because the details of its first electric came to light through a prototype called e -TPV, which took the base of the CX-30.

Now, the brand itself has confirmed that the official presentation of this model will take place on October 23 on the occasion of the Tokyo Motor Show.

The first electric vehicle of Mazda is expected to adopt the SUV format.

Although everything indicates that it will be a completely new product and not a version of a current one. Its details for the moment are limited, but we can get an idea of what this ecological model will offer with the specifications of the cited e-TPV.

This had a 140 horsepower engine and a maximum torque of 265 Nm, accompanied by a battery with 35.5 kWh capacity.

The estimated autonomy of this Mazda ranges between 190 and 240 kilometers.

Although the brand has an extended range version that will arrive with a surprise under the arm.

And is none other than the presence of a Skyactiv-R rotary engine, which will make Electricity generator functions?

Returning to the battery, it can be recharged using a 6.6 kW onboard charger and a fast-charging system in direct current at 50 kW of power.

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