In addition to having fantastic vacuum cleaners, James Dyson thought it would be interesting to make an electric vehicle with his signature. The project, which was kept absolutely secret, was scheduled to see the light sometime in 2021.

However, the company has sent an internal email announcing that the project is canceled. And that all employees who were involved in the project will be reorganized.

Dyson's electric car is canceled.

The Dyson automotive team has developed a fantastic car. They have been ingenious in their approach and have remained true to our philosophies. However, although we have worked hard throughout the development process, we simply no longer see models to see a way to make it commercially viable.

That is, the vehicle, as such, exists, or at least its prototype, but Dyson seems not to have found the right investors and people to be able to take it to production. Recall that the company initially announced that the vehicle would be released in 2020, but later announced that it would not be until 2021, because they would build a manufacturing plant in Singapore.

How is the company after this cancellation?

The president of Dyson himself wanted to be very clear with his workers. Each and every one of the 600 employees who were part of the electric vehicle project will be relocated to new departments. The company is already working to find alternative roles within the company itself to each of the affected people, ensuring that they have enough vacancies to absorb. If they cannot relocate everyone, the company "will support them fairly and with the deserved respect." Come on, they will be compensated in some way.

What was Dyson's electric vehicle like?

With the cancellation of the project. The big question that will remain how the vehicle designed by this company of supersonic vacuum cleaners was. Would you clean your feet when you came from the beach?

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